Age of Heroes

Session 1

Torek and Deathborn's Beginning

Keyn Deathborn and Prince Torek Drakethorn’s adventure begins when they come upon the village of Maskulet, a largely Dwarven village which is owned by the Altranian Union. Upon their arrival there, they wish to establish themselves as being fit rulers, and decide that the best way to accomplish this is to begin an old fashioned Dwarf style Gnome assault. Unfortunately for the heroes, there aren’t, according to the Mayor of the Village, Sarem Turein, any gnomes living in Maskulet. he also tells them that he has dictated that all civilian organizations, such as the posse which the two wished to form, have been banned. Deathborn attempts to intimidate the mayor into providing them with a gift, and he is rewarded for his efforts by a dagger which was supposedly passed down through the generations. However, the mayor is clearly upset, and Deathborn leaves.

During a bar fight nearby (started by Torek during Deathborn’s visit to the Mayor), a Dwarf saves Deathborn from being stabbed by a broken bottle. They speak to the Dwarf, who is named Zabeck Ustoshlibash. Zabeck (whose the duo proceeded to get wrong every time they mentioned him) told them of a group of Dragonborn bandits from the east who have been terrorizing the town. Zabeck, as a local community leader of the Dwarves, enlists them to help for a militia in order to combat the menace. In exchange, they ask for a group of Dwarves to help them on their quest to find and murder Gnomes. He agrees, and he tells five Dwarves to join them on their mission, who eventually come to be named Emile, Sage, Lizard King, Skippy, and The Path.

The crew made their way to Nuralcog, a nearby village which is said to have a population of Gnomes living in the slums. Upon arrival, they begin to formulate a plan. They wish to hire an assassin (Hashishin in the Dwarven tongue) who can kill the mayor of Muskulet for them. They speak the shiftiest person they can find, a Human potion dealer who they call Blazer, a name he picks up immediately. Blazer tells them that he knows of an assassin with whom he can arrange a meeting.

The duo moves on to the Gnomish slum, where they split up. Deathborn begins to find other willing Dwarves who would participate in a raid on the Gnomes. At the same time, Torek goes to scout out the house of a community leader of the Gnomes, with the intention of murdering and raping him and his family. Again, hoping to establish legitimacy for his cause. Torek takes three of his dwarves, Emile, Sage, and Skippy, to accomplish the task. They are able to infiltrate the house and incapacitate his family, Emile being injured in the process. The group manages to murder an infant, and talk down the Gnome leader from slitting Sage’s throat. However, during the execution and rape of the family, a large group of Gnomes have gathered around the house, ready to enter and attack the group of Dwarves. Things are looking grim for the Dwarves.

During all this, Deathborn has been gathering followers, including many Dwarves and two corrupt Human guards. Hoping to meet Torek at the Gnome’s house, Deathborn brings his posse into the slums, where he sees the riotous Gnomes attempting to break into the home. Using the guards as a distraction, Deathborn leads his men to charge the Gnomes, while at the same time Torek executes the Gnome leader, spilling his blood onto the crowd below. The Gnomes are massacred, except for the leader’s oldest son, who is taken as a personal slave by Torek and Deathborn. However, the wounded Emile is killed in the process. He will never be forgotten.

After the Gnome operation, the duo goes to meet up with Blazer and his assassin associate, a Half-Elf named Rajiv. They agree on a price, and the following morning, the duo, along with the the four remaining Dwarves and several members of the Dwarven riot who agreed to come along all head back towards Maskulet. They meet back up with Zabeck, who tells them that the militia is coming along well, even without the consent of the Mayor. He then asks Torek and Deathborn to find out where it is that the Dragonborn bandits are currently, and where they are headed. They head out that way, taking Sage with them.

They begin their scouting into the rocklands near the village, and successfully track down the bandit camp. They look over the camp from a cliff which they are camping up against, and are able to tell that there around approximately 60-80 bandits in the camp. They seem as if they will be camped there for a few days. The duo returns to Maskulet, avoiding a pack of Hyenas on the way there. Zabeck tells them that he feels they are outmatched at present, but that they may have an easier time if they are able to convince the Mayor to open the armory for the militia. They decide the call upon Blazer to attempt to convince the mayor, as the mayor doesn’t trust either of them. They dress Blazer up in the nicest clothes available to them, and due to Torek’s ability to send him ghost noises from outside, the Mayor reluctantly agrees to open the armory.

The militia now seems to be ready to defeat the Dragonborn. The duo, along with Zabeck, and the various Dwarves and other allies they’ve gathered along the way, such as the four human guardsmen given to them by the mayor who are collectively called the Jean Brothers. They place barrels of tar, as well as firebombs concocted by Lizard King at the top of the cliff near the encampment, while the bulk of the force surrounds the camp at the base. The combination of the element of surprise, and the usage of the firebombs means that the Dragonborn bandits are defeated fairly easily. Too easily in fact. Torek and Deathborn interrogate one of the surviving Dragonborn leaders, who tells them that most of the strongest bandits went off to raid Maskulet!

They lead their army back with great haste, to find the town under attack! Fortunately, the Mayor’s elite guard have stopped the bandits from doing too much damage. Torek and Deathborn send their army to attack the Dragonborn, and they themselves enter the town hall, in order to capture the mayor. They succeed, and the following day after the battle has ended, they drag him to the top of the local temple. Torek, as a Dwarf royal, gives a rousing speech about the return of an independent Dwarven Kingdom, and the people of Maskulet cheer. Torek then plunges the knife into the mayor’s back, and Deathborn throws him off of the temple into the crowd.

After the mayor’s execution, Zabeck is put in charge of the town, a change which the Dwarves of Maskulet wholeheartedly agree with. Torek and Deathborn decide to take a few days rest in Maskulet, to regain their strength for when they again set out in search of the path to a Dwarven kingdom. Unbeknownst to Deathborn, however, Torek begins reading to his Gnome slave from his spellbook…


Zeth Zeth

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