Age of Heroes

Session 4

Cops and Robbers

In the King’s Court…

Maranwë, a Half-Elf who hopes to find her human father, has found herself at King Brandis Copperhand’s court. Having heard that her father is somewhere in Altranian lands, Maranwë requests that the King help her find the man, however he can. She arrived in the capital two days ago, and now is given an opportunity to help the King, in exchange for his assistance on her quest.

The King’s spymasters have informants all over the city, helping to stem high profile crimes before they take place. One of these informants, a dwarf, has reported that there is going to be an attempt to steal the Remmah Stone, a gem of particular importance to the Royal Family, which is on display under a locked glass case in the Royal Palace. Maranwë, therefore, has been asked to prevent this from happening. Her being an outsider, and a capable one at that, gives her the advantage of not having any obvious association with the King’s court.

Maranwë, naturally, accepts the request. One of the King’s spymasters gives her an address in the Port District where she can meet the informant himself, and gather more information.

And so she does. The Half-Elf walks to the designated meeting spot to find this Dwarf, and after some waiting he appears, obviously quite unsure of this new agent of the King. She is told that some individual or organization has put out notices to the criminals of the city, and has tasked several noted thieves and burglars with acquiring the Remmah Stone. One such criminal is a Tiefling named Malmos, who can be found at a house in Aleman’s Alley, a lower middle class neighborhood. Having said all he knows, the Dwarf leaves the scene, hoping to escape unseen.

Maranwë heads to Aleman’s Alley, where she finds the house without incident. After knocking on the door, a pair of red eyes appear from inside the house, staring through the eye-slit in the door. “Who are you?” their owner asks. “Maranwë,” she replies, “I’m here about the Remm-” SLAM. Maranwë hears the sound of locks unlocking and chains unchaining from within the house, before the door opens to reveal Malmos, clearly quite distressed and unsure of this new face. “Get in” he tells her, with zero patience for dissent.

She does, and is somewhat startled by what she sees. The room is nearly bare, save for a few wooden chairs and some other decorations clearly placed to create an illusion of “homeyness.” Maranwë takes a seat, and the Tiefling asks her if she’s here about the Remmah Stone. Upon her confirmation, he once again checks all the doors, windows, any and every possible point of entry. He then leads he into another, further room, where the doors are once again locked and barred completely. Here, finally, he can reveal his plans.

Maranwë is told that, for her participation in the heist, she will be one of four members of a team. She will do as she is told, and for it, be payed a 1/10th share, as a mere freelancer. Other than that, Malmos remains vague, revealing nothing further of his plan. After his explanation, Malmos requests that Maranwë remove her hand from the knife on her waist, which she does not take kindly to. Both draw their blades simultaneously, pushing them to the other’s neck — stalemate. Well, so our hero thinks. Malmos tells her that a man is standing behind her with an axe, ready to strike, unless she lowers her weapon. She doesn’t believe him, until the sharp pain in the back of her head informs her of the truth…

In the Port District…

Will is a street rat living in the Port District, with nothing much to his name but his skills with a blade and a lockpick. It’s for this reason that The Untouchables have contacted him with another yet another impossible job, to steal the Royal Family’s precious Remmah Stone.

With little to go on, Will decides it’d be best to first feed himself before beginning any dangerous new missions. As a street rat by trade, he has few options but to steal for his bread, and the marketplace of the Port District provides ample opportunity for theft. His keen thief’s eye informs him that that there’s a new, out of place player in the square today. A foreign looking man selling furniture at prices they couldn’t be found for anywhere else, and that nobody in the Port District could afford anyway. During his investigation, Will knocks over a particularly nice stool (upholstered), causing it not inconsiderable damage. The salesman, naturally, is annoyed by this.

“That’s gonna be 30 gold pieces, boy” the man tells him. His accent confirms the suspicious of foreign birth, but it’s difficult to place where. Will objects to payment, as is his lot in life. Somewhat amused, the man takes pity. He tells Will that his name is Sakim, and if he wants to do some labor in lieu of payment, that could be arranged. Will, with literally nothing in his coinpurse, is glad to accept.

Sakim request that Will find a man’s house at a given address in Aleman’s Alley. He is to break into the house, go into the cellar, and destroy the resident’s valuable and expensive collection of vintage wines. The man, it seems, has done something to annoy a furniture merchant, and is about to pay the price.

Will’s in depth knowledge of Grayhaven, the city of his birth, means he has little trouble finding the house in question. Will’s further in depth knowledge of all things skullduggerous means he also has little trouble picking the back lock and helping himself to the man’s silverware set for his trouble. Will then proceeds to sneak into the cellar, where lo and behold, the racks and racks of wines are ripe for the breaking. And break they do, when our hero pushes the racks into the ground, leaving no bottle safe. Unfortunately, the ruckus awakens the owner of the house, who had happened to be sleeping behind the middle rack, with an empty bottle in his hand. Will, knowing when and how to escape angry old men, does so with grace, even leaving the back door unlocked as he leaves.

Sakim is impressed! For this, Will’s debt is fully discharged, and he even gets some pay for the silverware he swiped. What’s more, after satiating his beggar’s stomach, Will could be in for yet more work, as Sakim seems to believe this could be the beginning of a fruitful and beneficial partnership for them both…


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