Donaar was a Dragonborn ruler who lived during the Age of Blood. During his lifetime, Donaar was able to unite the scattered Dragonborn tribes under his own banner, becoming a king in his own right, and delivering the final blow to the heart of the The Kragan Empire.

Born in the northern reaches of Dragonborn territory, Donaar rose to power in his birthclan after completing his Trial of Fangs naked and unarmed by his own choice. Upon returning to his clan, the clan leader immediately gave up his title to Donaar and fled into the tundra.

Donaar, seeing the danger that the Kragan posed to all Dragonborn, was able to unite his people though diplomacy, martial ability, and sheer force of will. When the tribes were finally united, he called a meeting of the leaders of Dwarves, Men, and the Elf-Kind. He proposed that they form an alliance to drive the wretched Kragan from The Continent. The representatives of Men and Elf-Kind agreed to form the alliance, but the Dwarf representative refused, citing the Iron Law of the Dwarves. Specifically, he claimed that the Dragonborn were enemies to the Mithril Empire, and it was thus illegal to ally with them.

Even without the Dwarven armies, the Three Crowned Alliance of Dragonborn, Elf-Kind, and Man marched on the Kragan lands, and were able to brutally and swiftly butcher their forces, as well as their civilians. After the war, Donaar returned to the Eastlands, where he continued to rule over his people, hoping to build their civilizations in the model of the great kingdoms of the West.

Donaar was beloved by his people, who came to recognize him as an avatar of Bahamut, their chief god. It was for this reason they did not think it odd that his lifespan continued well past what was typical for a Dragonborn. At the time of his death, however, it was revealed that Donaar had long since died, but that his death had been kept a secret, and his son, and eventually grandson carried on his reign in disguise, using powerful Eladrin magic to appear similar to him.


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