King Brandis Copperhand


Current King of the Altranian Union, ninth monarch of the Jardine dynasty. Considered a good king, and a better man, Brandis has ably ruled his kingdom from the city of Grayhaven for 32 years. In that time he has largely focused his attention on the capital city itself, improving its infastructure and strengthening the economy. However, this has left the border settlements to wither, and the effects of his policies can be seen there.

Brandis is married to Elendle Jardine née Coriander. The Coriander dynasty has long been an ally to the Jardine dynasty, and this alliance has been held up through repeated intermarriages between the two.

He has two sons and one daughter. His eldest son, and heir, is Crown Prince Erik the Proud. His second son, and chief scientific advisor, is Quinn the Mechanist. His youngest child, and only daughter, is Sara Jardine.

As a young man, before his ascension to the throne, Brandis was sent on a year long campaign by his father, King Quinn, to patrol the outer frontiers of the Union and scout out potential conflict or disaster. Brandis had always been interested in the world outside Grayhaven, but he had scarcely ever left the castle, let alone the city.

It was during this campaign that Brandis, along with his friend and trusted companion Franei of Bvarn, traveled from Grayhaven’s newly conquered lands in the west, to its old border forts in the east. It was at one of these forts, Fort Einhard, that the future king would meet his great love, the maiden Alandra.

The Prince and the commoner were smitten with love, and the Prince demanded he be stationed at Einhard for the rest of his days, that he may live with his jewel. To do so would be to abandon his claim to the throne, as well as his inheritance, but it was no matter to him. He would live with Alandra until his dying day.

After only six months being stationed at the fort, however, Brandis and his army was confronted by the largest collection of Dragonborn seen on the border in living memory, and they meant to take the fort. The battle was long and bloody, with changes of fortune in one way, then the other. Finally, as the stocks of food and arms draw smaller and small, and hope of timely reinforcement grew smaller, Brandis and Franei determined to sally out from the gates of Einhard, and meet their foe head on. Brandis bid farewell to his lover, and rode out prepared to meet his doom.

He and Franei fought valiantly, and broke the line of the Dragonborn. As the last bandits were routed, however, Franei of Bvarn caught a javelin to his midsection, flying clear through him. Brandis’s best friend died in his arms that day, without even a word of goodbye. And the loss didn’t stop there, for during the sally, Dragonborn made it into the gates of Einhard, and ran Alandra through, leaving her dead on the floor of their residence.

After the loss of his two great loves that day, Brandis returned to Grayhaven, reclaimed his title as Crown Prince, and never again left the central Plain.

King Brandis Copperhand

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