The Free City of Blackwall is an independent City-State near the northern border of the old Kragan Empire. It is currently governed by its Lord Mayor, Lord Mayor Tayrai.

Blackwall is known as a city of outcasts, a city built and maintained for those who can’t or wouldn’t want to live under one of the other great kingdoms of the Continent. The city is famous for its namesake, the massive circular black wall which surrounds it. No buildings are allowed outside the walls, and few people even leave the city except for hunters and traders.

It was once a part of the Kragan Empire, but was able to avoid destruction by declaring independence from the Empire a mere month before the Invasion of the Three Crowned Alliance.

The lack of arable farmland around the city, as well as the massive danger presented by the monsters which surround the area mean that other sources of food are required. Much of the city’s luxury foods are imported from Grayhaven, the city-state’s largest trading partner. However, the bulk of the citizen’s diet is made up of the plants which are able to be grown in the massive underground farms underneath the city, mostly forms of mushrooms.

The fact that the city still stands is quite surprising to most. It rests quite near the most dangerous part of the Continent, the Southern Wastes, and yet has never been attacked or harmed by any monster or bandit raider. Even with its high walls and strict policy concerning leaving the city, Blackwall’s continued existence as a thriving city-state remains one of the great miracles of the civilized world.


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