Cloudwood Potentiante

The Cloudwood Potentiate is the current government of the Elves of the southern half of the Western Wood, formed after the breakdown of the The Telemnar Confederacy. It is governed entirely by a figure called The Potentate, an Elven religious leader who has been living longer than civilization can recall.

The Potentate still claims to have its capital in the old city of Telemnar, though it has no real control over the territory. Instead, the old holy city of Foxwatch serves as the de facto capital of the region, seating the Potentate and his staff. Foxwatch is the only major city in the region, as most Elves prefer to live among the lush forests and in small rural continues strewn about.

While the Elves are quite accepting of the other races of The Continent, there are few who would choose to live the lifestyle of the Elves, the largest minority being the Gnomes.

To this day, the Elves have continued their traditional cannibalistic rituals. With the death of a family member, good friend, local dignitary, or even a bitter enemy, it is tradition that their body be consumed by those who knew them, that they may preserve the souls of the fallen.

Cloudwood Potentiante

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