Districts of Grayhaven

Grayhaven, the largest city in The Continent, is split into several districts by the King’s Commission for Urban Development. The current divisions are:

  • The Port District
  • The Palace District
  • The Ivory Quarter
  • The Old Town
  • Aleman’s Alley
  • The Roadsmeet

While these designations could be changed by a majority vote, they have been in place for nearly 70 years, when Aleman’s Alley was separated from Old Town due to the influx of farmers seeking refuge in the city’s walls.

The Port Districts

The most poverty ridden and dangerous part of the city, the Port District surrounds the River Thalus which runs through Grayhaven. Made up mostly of dockworkers and dockworking’s related professions, this district has recently been subject to sharply increasing crime rates, and subsequent increases in policing, with little change forseeable in the future. Home turf of the Portside Scummers.

The Palace District

The Palace District is the smallest of the districts, being the seat of government, and is chiefly made up of the palace itself, and the homes of many of the upper ranking royal employees, courtiers, and foreign dignitaries. Also contains the chamber of the Triple Council. Entrance into this district is rather strictly regulated.

The Ivory Quarter

While the riches of The Continent flow through the Port District, they pay for the Ivory Quarter. Home to merchants, diplomats, councilors, lawyers, and anybody else who can afford to help upkeep its paved roads and mercenary peace. Fashions in the Ivory Quarter change quickly, as one ambassador or another introduces the latest foreign fashion, and the well-to-do do too well in emulating it.

The Old Town

As its name implies, The Old Town is the oldest part of the city, with several structures still remaining from Grayhaven’s beginnings as a mere trade post. The Old Town is home to most of the city’s magical presence, containing in its borders the Wizard’s Assembly, as well as the Alchemical Bazaar. The district still holds a certain rustic charm, hearkening back to an era gone by.

Aleman’s Alley

With the constant encroaching of bandits, monsters, and other undesirables into the Altranian Union’s lands, the farmers and workmen of its border settlements have sought to make their way in the big city. After a massive influx of such men and their families in 7389, a section of the Old Town was redesignated as Aleman’s Alley, in order to accommodate these new citizens of Grayhaven. The residents of this district are somewhat looked down upon as country hicks and immigrants, but they remain an important bloc in Grayhaven politics.

The Roadsmeet

While the Port District houses those foreigners who come to break their backs, the Roadsmeet is home to outsiders of a different breed. This district is made up of a collection of elf-kind, dwarves, and other peoples who have been able to crawl out of poverty, or have found their money outside the city. Finding a sort of camaraderie in their otherness, the people of The Roadsmeet tend to keep to themselves, and don’t command much influence in the House of Paupers, or elsewhere in Grayhaven politics.

Districts of Grayhaven

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