Mithril Empire

The Mithril Empire was a Dwarven state which grew to became the most powerful civilization known to exist on The Continent. By the time of its greatest extent, the Empire had expanded to include the entirety of the Eastlands, the Altranian Plain, and the whole of the Northern Tundra.

Dwarven historians (the only kind of historians for a great many years) claim that the Empire began with the Dwarven expedition to the top of Fauhaltr in 5752, the first and only successful exploration of the mountain. At this point, the Dwarves of Faulhaltr had already made territorial gains in the North, mostly warring with other Dwarves. After the ascendance of the World Ladder, however, the Dwarves were able to expand their imperial reach far further than any King or Duke has been able to since.

The main enemy of the Empire was the Elf-Kind of the Western Wood, who were able to fend off any sort of meaningful Dwarven advances into their lands, even up to the fall of the empire. The Elf-Kind, however, never attempted to invade themselves, as they were content to live in their own forests.

The Dragonborn of the East, however, were not so content. After centuries of brutal occupation and enslavement by the Dwarves, the Dragonborn revolted against their imperial rulers, united under a common banner for the first time in recorded history. With the taking of the Dwarf stronghold of Hornblood, the Dragonborn successfully pushed the Dwarves from their lands, and forced the then emporer, Dain Stormcrown, into hiding in the Mountainhome.

The flight of the emperor brought with it the collapse of a centralized state of the Dwarven peoples, and though The Dwarven Vestige continued to govern under the authority of the Stormcrown dynasty, the empire never truly returned from the ashes of Hornblood.

Mithril Empire

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