Grayhaven is the current capital and largest settlement of the Altranian Union. Home to about 150,000 permanent residents, Grayhaven is the largest city on the continent, and is also the seat of government of the last of The Five Kingdoms.

Ruled by King Brandis Copperhand of the Jardine dynasty, the city has long been a center of trade and economic development, though in recent years trade with other settlements has become more risky and less cost effective.

However, the economic development of the city itself has been effected little by this. The centralized policies of King Brandis and the Triple Council have seen a drastic decrease in unemployment, and have revitalized the city, especially in the Upper Districts of the city. The Port District has not been so lucky, however, as most money spent there is on policing rather than public works.

Most residents of the city are Human, though this majority is becoming slimmer, as more Dwarves and other displaced peoples search for work and opportunity. The city’s central location on the Altranian Plain and the powerful Thalus River which runs directly through the city have made it quite attractive to exiles, and peoples of fallen kingdoms and defeated tribes.


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