The Telemnar Confederacy

The Telemnar Confederacy was the second of The Five Kingdoms, a governmental body which ruled over the Elf-Kind peoples of the Western Wood, the Elves and the Eladrin. It was the result of the violent Starlight Revolution, which saw the destruction of the old Elf-Kind monarch and the introduction of a confederate parliamentary government, ruled by the Feycouncil.

After the revolution, the Elf-Kind decided that a confederacy would be the best form of government to hold together their often estranged peoples. Under the Telemnar Confederacy, the various communities of Elf and Eladrin sent representatives to the Feycouncil in the city of Telemnar, were they would decide on the laws and policies of the realm.

The Confederacy became the strongest power on The Continent after the fall of the Mithril Empire, making great gains of territory in their former boundaries.

The Confederacy lasted from 6617-7258, at which point a civil war tore the realm asunder, resulting in the Telemnar Magocracy and Cloudwood Potentiante.

The Telemnar Confederacy

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