Three Crowned Alliance

The Three Crowned Alliance was a military alliance formed between three of the principal powers during the Age of Blood, the Altranian Union, The Telemnar Confederacy, and The Donaarian Pact.

The Alliance was formed in the face of the growing threat of The Kragan Empire, which had been growing unhindered in the south for some time. Though formally led by Telemnar general Wuin Richreed, the heart of the alliance lay in Donaar, the leader of the Pact, who had unified the Tribes of the Dragonborn and initiated the idea of an alliance between the peoples.

The Alliance was initially planned to include The Dwarven Vestige, but the Dwarven representative to the meeting refused on racial grounds, citing the Iron Law, which states that a Dwarf shall not consort with an enemy of his people. The Dragonborn revolt which brought the Mithril Empire to its knees was still in the collective consciousness of the Dwarven people, and prohibited any cooperation between Dwarves and Dragonborn.

The Alliance invaded the Kragan Empire with their combined 100,000 men, a massive force, perhaps the largest force fielded in history. Their invasion began in the west, from the Telemnar border fort of Foresteye. From there, they marched westward, burning and murdering any part of the Empire which they could find, military or civilian. The Kragan Massacre as it came to be called completely wiped out the Empire, destroying dozens of settlements and possibly taking more than a million lives.

The military operation was a rousing success, with the returning armies coming home to parades and great celebrations which lasted for a month. The Alliance was nominally kept up for some years after the invasion, but its members were never called on again, and the arrangement has faded into memory.

Three Crowned Alliance

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