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Coronia. The Continent. The Land of Five Kingdoms. Whatever you choose to call it, it is a place of fallen empires and cut off ties. Old alliances have been forgotten and old crowns have lost their luster. The roads between the once great capitals have been overrun by danger and desolation. Yet there do remain some points of light in a dark world. Old cities whose walls have weathered the beasts of the wilds, and new settlements who wish to carve out their own paths. Grayhaven is one of these symbols of the eras past. Capital of the Altranian Union, its stone defenses and towering palace loom over the Altranian plains. It is but one of the few havens for civilization left on the Continent.

The Twin Cities of the Western Wood share this distinction. Once great cities of a single Elf-Kind Union, the Telemnar Confederacy, their union has been torn asunder by regional distrust and religious fervor. Now they each glare at the other over the Root Lands, the increasingly bitter citizens whispering words of conquest and reclamation about their former compatriots. Only time will tell of the Eladrin of the North or the Elves of the South will come to rule their neighbors, or if a peace can be made between these two disparate cultures.

The Dwarves of the North remain scattered. Their old Undercities and Overtowns hold little in the way of a Dwarven government, and their king, Dain Stormcrown, only holds power in the weakest sense of the word. He has lived unseen under Fauhaltr, the World Ladder, for longer than any now living can remember, and rules his stout people through the “ Iron Law,” which was given before the fall of Diamond Throne. Though some Dwarves cling to the old boundaries of the once great Mithril Empire, most have simply joined onto whatever communities of Man they could find, and try their best to hold onto the Dwarven culture which once ruled much of the Continent..

To the East, the tribes of the Dragonborn continue to war among themselves, each hoping that they will be the one who unite their troubled people. They have no major settlements to speak of, and most live in roving bands, nomadic and dangerous. The three major tribes of the Dragonborn, called the Firehearts, Windchasers, and the Scaleblight in the common tongue, each battle each other for dominance, none able to truly destroy the others, and none willing to join in alliance since the days of Donaar, Avatar of the Dragon God.. While they have historically rarely left the Eastlands, the Dragonborn have as of late become more ambitious in their raids on the other territories.

Lastly, the South is where the darkest of things live. Once under the rule of the quick conquering and short lived Kragan Empire, all that remains of civilization in the South is whatever monsters can prove themselves strong enough to gather a warparty, and a single remaining city of Blackwall. Once part of the Kragan empire, it was the first city to formally declare itself independent of the crumbling Asmodean government, and was able to escape the cruel fate of those settlements. When the Three Crowned Alliance, comprising of Elves, Dragonborn, and Men brought marched their armies into the villages and cities of the Empire, they spared no living thing, Tiefling or Gnome. All had committed themselves to Asmodeus, Dark God of Plots, and only by killing his followers could they prevent the return of the Kragan. The Blood Months saw the extinction of the Southern Kingdom, and the lawlessness and chaos which rose as a result is what remains there today.

This is what is left of the Five Kingdoms, once so great and so wide. Their fall has bred lawlessness, outright anarchy in the borderlands. The Altranians keep some semblance of calm and protection from the harshest elements of the Continent, but their reach is becoming shorter, their caravans less safe, and their riverboats less frequent. In this land of enclosing danger, of fallen kingdoms and fallen kings, of bloody wars and treacherous terrain, of forgotten ruins under lonely mountains and hidden dungeons in unmapped forests, there is yet chance for new stories. In a land so bound to its past, you, my friends, have the opportunity to decide the future. Whether you be peacebringers or warmakers, the dawn of a new era is in your hands. You will become the harbingers of a new Age.

An Age of Heroes!

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