Rust Revolt

The Rust Revolt was a slave revolt which was fought by the Dragonborn slaves against their Dwarven masters in the Mithril Empire in 6420, bringing about the end of the Golden Age, and the start of the Age of Toil.

The Revolt started in the slave colony of Yru’Tgai, with the execution of a local Dragon Priestess, named Loraemita “Rustclaw.” After her execution by the Dwarven slave-master, the Dragonborn slaves there took the castle at Yru’Tgai, and under the leadership of Chreov “The Slave King”, the slaves went on to take more and more surrounding slave camps and Dwarven Castles. The Emperor at the time, Emperor Dain Stormcrown, had an obsession with conquering the Elfish people to the West, and as such sent the bulk of his legions to make war with them. This allowed the Dragonborn, purely by chance, to easily make their way through the Dwarven heartlands, freeing their brethren and growing their ranks.

By the time the Dragonborn slave army made it to the Dwarven citadel of Hornblood, the legions were far to distant to intercept them. Dain Stormcrown, who was present at the citadel, famously said to his head lieutenant that “The land of my father has fallen. The land of your son must live.” With that, the last Emperor of the Dwarves fled Hornblood to his capital in Fauhaltr, the World Ladder, where he expelled all of his courtiers and servants, and closed off the once great capital from the outside world.

With that, the Empire fell. The Dwarven Legion returned to Fauhaltr, but with the emperor exiled and the slave army dispersed back into the East, the Legion had no war to fight. The various Dukes and Generals who survived the war continued to swear fealty to their Hidden Emperor and his Iron Law. With the fall of the unified government in Fauhaltr, the Dwarves never again had a single state, and became what is now known as The Dwarven Vestige.

Rust Revolt

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